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Eventually, This has become a common scenario in the modern day. “misplaced PR card” or “lost your PR card” or “misunderstanding between partner” and “you no longer have a PR card right now”. How to enter Canada again? That's a bread & butter scenario for GreenTree Immigration as we are the best Immigration consultant in India to handle Canada PRTD and understand the client’s real-time scenario and proceed accordingly.

One needs to apply for a permanent resident travel document (PRTD), A temporary official travel document issued by IRCC to enter Canada if you are outside of Canada and don't have a hard copy of your PR card.

You might not be allowed to board your airline, boat, bus, or train to return to Canada if you attempt to do so without having a PR card or PRTD.

What is a PRTD (Permanent Resident Travel Document)?

The temporary or transitory official document known as a Permanent Resident Travel Document (PRTD) serves as proof of your identity as a permanent resident of Canada. PRTDs are authentic and are exclusively valid for only one-time entry to Canada as a substitute for a PR card. The PR card serves as an entry card for Canadian permanent residents to enter the country. Also, if you don't have a current PR card, it serves as proof to transportation providers that you are authorized to go to Canada as a permanent resident. The individual who is a permanent resident of Canada but has lost or doesn’t have a current PR card is eligible for the PRTD and can avail it.

Who is qualified to apply for PRTD?

One can avail the Permanent Resident Travel Document if they fall under the following criteria:

  1. If the person does not own or have a PR card presenting his PR status
  2. The individual is outside Canada without a PR card
  3. Came out of Canada for personal/official reasons without a PR card
  4. Returning to Canada without a travel document
  5. Ability to prove identity as a Canadian PR holder

Who is not Eligible to apply for PRTD?

One can avail the Permanent Resident Travel Document if they fall under the following criteria:

  1. The individual should not be a Canadian citizen
  2. A permanent resident who already possesses a PR card handy
  3. An immigrant from another country who doesn’t hold a Canadian permanent resident status
  4. The former permanent residents those who no longer own their PR status
  5. Those who choose to voluntarily abandon their position as permanent residents.

What are the steps involved to obtain a PRTD Faster?

One can obtain the PRTD by following the steps mentioned below:

Obtain the application form online and provide your supporting and additional documents that are needed

Fill in the form appropriately and legibly. Make sure there is no unclear or wrong information provided

Payment of the application processing fees

Submission of your application either offline or online

After the processing of the application, one may be notified about the eligibility of PRTD

What are the basic documents required for applying for PRTD?

While applying for a permanent resident travel document (PRTD), you are required to provide the following documents:

How can one submit the PRTD application?

He/she may submit the application in two modes:

(i) Offline/Paper application submission

What are the key points to remember while submitting an application for PRTD?

  1. The application would be returned to you if any needed papers are missing or the copies are unclear
  2. Additional documents may be requested at any moment during the processing of the application for PRTD. Processing of PRTD will be delayed if the required papers or documents are not provided
  3. After the processing fee is paid and the processing of the application commences, the fees will not be refunded under any circumstances
  4. If the application is declined, the processing fee will not be reimbursed
  5. You will be contacted by an officer if you qualify for a PRTD. Typically, a choice is made based on the application, provided papers, and facts without conducting a personal interview.

What is the cost & processing time while applying for Canada PRTD?

While applying for Canadian PRTD, you have a processing fee of CAD $50. After the fees have been paid, the duration of processing takes about four to eight weeks from the date of application submission.

Processing Fees for PRTD CAD $50 (INR 2980)
Duration for the process of PRTD 4 to 8 weeks (or) may vary accordingly

How GreenTree Immigration can help you get your PRTD successfully?

GreenTree Immigration is a renowned and best CICC registered consultant that provides the finest when it comes to immigration services. GreenTree Immigration provides diligent and transparent services and provides clients with the right and correct choices. The consultants provide and guide you to obtain your PRTD efficiently. GreenTree Immigration helps you with the filing and application process for PRTD when you are outside Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
How many times can I apply for a PRTD?

Ans : In the event of not having your PR card, you can apply for PRTD once. If you meet Resident obligations, you can apply as many times as you wish.

I’m outside Canada. Can I apply for PRTD if my husband/wife hid my PR card?

Ans : Firstly, you should file a complaint to the police in case of a missing or stolen PR card. Then you may raise a request to issue a PRTD from outside Canada.

What is the cost of applying PRTD?

Ans : The cost of applying PRTD is CAD $50 or INR 2980.

What services does GreenTree Immigration provide in PRTD?

Ans : GreenTree Immigration provides excellent and ideal services when it comes to the PRTD filing and application process. Right from understanding and diagnosing your scenario till PRTD approval.

What is provincial Nomination?

Provincial Nomination Program (PNP) is an alternate route to Boost your CRs score and Gain additional points from the provincial government of Canada. GreenTree Immigration we define this as Plan B for your immigration process if the province believes that applicant has the ability to contribute to the economy of their provinces if they would provide us the PNP nomination. Each province has its own requirements and streams.

How does the provincial nomination program help you?

Provincial nomination will give additional 600 points to your Express Entry profile which can be added to your current CRS score. Applying to PNP doesn’t mean that you have secured the nomination. Nomination will be issued only if you meet the particular province requirements.

Which is the best consultant in India to deal with PRTD for Canada?

GreenTree Immigration is One of the best & Registered immigration consultants in india to deal with your PRTD application for Canada

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