Canada Dependent PR Visa Process:

Are you the Spouse/Common law Partner of a Canadian PR holder/Citizen? The Canadian Government (IRCC)allows the Canadian PR holder/Citizen to sponsor their partner under a PR visa and accompany them in Canada. The Canada Dependent PR visa falls under family sponsorship class.

How can I apply for Canada Dependent PR visa from India or any country international to Canada:
  1. The Present location of the Dependent shall decide which Visa type to apply:
  2. If Present location of dependent/Applicant outside Canada: Dependent Visa & Dependent Visa
  3. Initially, Dependent needs the person (Canada citizen/PR holder) to support her/him to apply for a Canada Dependent PR Visa with a sponsorship. Whereas The Canada Dependent PR Visa is issued to the dependents of Canada Citizen/PR holder only upon sponsorship.
  4. How long is the Canada Dependent PR visa valid?

    The validity of the Canada Dependent PR visa depends on the person who is sponsoring.

    If a Canadian PR holder is your Spouse/Common law Partner:
      • You can stay inside Canada until the Sponsor’s PR visa expires  
      • If the sponsor decides to leave Canada before you complete 730 days you are supposed to leave Canada along with the sponsor
      • In the event of you completing 730 you will be eligible for PR renewal status
      • the sponsor can apply for citizenship if the criteria of 1092 days is met
      • The dependent will have to stay inside for Canada for at-least 1092 days and apply citizenship as well.
      If a Canadian Citizen is your Spouse/Common law Partner:

      You must stay inside Canada for 1092 days and apply for citizenship to stay inside Canada forever.

What can I do under Dependent Visa/ Benefits of Canada Dependent PR Visa:

  1. Study in Canada
  2. Work in Canada without any restrictions
  3. You can apply or enroll for Canadian public healthcare
  4. Accompany your partner without any break
  5. Be in & out Canada as per your mindset
  6. Become a Canadian Citizen after 1092 days of stay inside Canada
  7. No IELTS requirements to enter Canada

What is the Difference between Dependent PR Visa & Spouse open work permit Visa:

The Dependent Visa is a Permanent Visa issued to the holders of Canada PR/ Canada Citizen. The validity of the stay is permanent and this is a pathway to acquire citizenship upon staying inside the country for 1092 days. This is a permanent visa.

The Spouse open work permit is a Temporary visa issued to dependents of the Temporary Resident Visa (Study & Closed work permit) holders currently living inside Canada. The SOWP Visa allows the spouse to stay and accompany their spouse in Canada. The validity of the stay depends on the TRV holder Visa expiration date. This SOWP is issued upon checking the Genuineness of the relationship and child dependent can be added into the application as well.

What is the Eligibility for the Spouse/Common law Partner to apply Dependent Visa:

What is the Eligibility for the person in Canada to sponsor a Dependent Canada PR Visa Application:

How can I include my child under My Canada Dependent PR visa Application:

Including your dependent Children under your Canada Dependent PR Visa is 100% possible if they satisfy the below mentioned criteria

I have submitted my Canada Dependent PR Visa can I add my Dependent children in my submitted application?

Yes, you can add your dependent child under Dependent PR Visa application only under change in family composition criteria. (i.e: The applicant has a new born baby after submission of application) on this scenario the Dependent can be added in the submitted application.

If the dependent child is born before the date of application submission and excluded while application submission you cannot add your dependent under your existing application instead This Process needs a withdrawal of your current application and resubmission along with Dependent child is required. The Application fee has to be paid again.

Can I add my Dependent child after getting Canada Dependent PR Visa?

Upon receiving a successful Canada Dependent PR-Visa you no longer can add your dependent child under your Dependent Visa. Instead, There is an Alternate route for this type of scenario which allows the dependent to come inside Canada and live with you.

Contact GreenTree Immigration the ICCRC registered dependent PR Visa consultant in India for further perusal.

Is biometrics required for Canada Dependent PR visa?

Biometrics for every applicant is mandatory Unless, if the biometrics was already submitted for any Canada visa type after September 2018.

  1. Biometrics Per person: 85 CAD$
  2. Biometrics for 2 members in the family when applied Simultaneously: 170 CAD$
  3. Biometrics for 3 members or more in the family when applied Simultaneously: 255 CAD$

What are the Documents Checklist required to apply for Dependent Visa?

Canada Dependent PR Documents checklist:

  1. Dependent’s Passport copy
  2. National Identity document
  3. Birth certificate
  4. In the case of being married: Marriage document or in the case of de facto: Prove that your relationship is genuine and consistent (for at-least 12 month)
  5. A Relationship history letter of explanation
  6. Joint bank accounts
  7. 3rd person witness of your relationship genuineness
  8. Police certificate from all countries in which you have lived in for 12 months after age 16
  9. Medical certificate
  10. Documents proving your relationship stability. Which needs to be an active relationship
  11. The Canada Dependent PR Visa can be submitted as an online application/ offline application hence additional application forms are mandatory.

Sponsor’s documents checklist for Canada Dependent PR Visa:

  1. Additional proof of your relationship with the sponsor that you have stayed with him the past 24 months.
  2. Update the changes to your relationship (if any)
  3. Passport copy
  4. Police certificate to prove your character benchmark inside Canada
  5. Sponsor’s identity documents
  6. Statutory declaration from Spouse/Common law Partner
  7. Additional application forms

Document guidelines:

All the documents require legible submission without any false documentation

All the document must be in English

All the documents must be a scan- colored copy.

All the documents must be a single file even in the case if a document is more than one page

What are the steps to apply for Dependent Visa:

  1. Be ready with the Documents checklist as per the document guidelines
  2. Be outside Canada when you apply for this visa & apply under outside Canada application type. In the case of being inside Canada apply under inside Canada application type.
  3. Lodge an application with Canadian Government as per inside & outside Canada
  4. Complete the online application form syncing to your scenario
  5. Check the answers and make necessary changes if required
  6. Transmit the documents under the designated field
  7. Pay the visa application fee & submit the Application
  8. After 1-2 months you will receive the Acknowledge of submission
  9. Sponsor shall receive an confirmation on meeting Eligibility conditions
  10. The IRCC will take their time to process your application
  11. After estimated time you will receive biometrics request
  12. IRCC shall request for any other supporting documents requires submission
  13. After an estimated timeline you will receive medicals request
  14. Upon submission you will receive an decision on your application via E-mail & Portal
  15. Submit the passport to Canada VAC
  16. Fly to Canada under dependent Visa

Canada Dependent PR Visa Checklist for sponsors:

Submit evidence to prove your current resident status is inside Canada

Submit evidence that you haven’t committed any crime inside Canada

Passport of the person who is sponsoring

Statutory declaration from the person who is sponsoring

I’m Under Canada Dependent PR Visa & My partner broke up the relationship. What should I do now?

Well Definitely need not panic. Even in the case you & your partner broke up while you are under a Canada Dependent PR Visa you still may be eligible to attain Canada PR if you fall under any of these criteria

  1. Accounted as a victim of domestic violence
  2. You & your partner both are liable for the custody of your child

If you match these criteria just call GreenTree Immigrationn we shall help you to resolve your scenario and invest our time and efforts on your behalf to retain your status or be eligible for Canada PR.

If you do fall under any of the above-mentioned terms you will have to look for alternate Canada Visa or depart from Canada.

Can I visit my Spouse/Common law Partner when my subclass Dependent PR Visa is under progress?

Considering the situation and the dream of attaining your Canada Dependent PR Visa we wouldn’t highly recommend this action since the Canada Dependent PR Visa requires you to stay outside the country while applying and visa grant. However, there is a possible way to apply for a Dependent Visa and the outcome of the visitor visa is unassured. It’s up-to the IRCC to grant you a visitor visa. 95% of the applicants under this scenario looks for a temporary pleasure and gets their Dependent Visa rejected. Hence, we highly do not recommend.

How can GreenTree Immigration help you to succeed in Canada Dependent PR Visa application:

Being known as the best Canada Dependent PR visa consultant in India. Our highly trained Dependent PR visa team can nail your application without any flaw. Having known for our efficacy we always deliver in action than words. Our techniques and magnitude to present your application has evaded us to be the best consultant for Dependent Visa Without nil rejections.

How can I start with my Canada Dependent PR Visa Application from India?

Walk-in or call your nearest Greentree Branch an book an one on one consultation and understand the process as a first task. Understand the requirements on the IRCC and how GreenTree can be a corner stone with the Canada Dependent PR Visa process. Our immigration experts will chart your “To do steps” and Molly coddle you completely.

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