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The Metropolitan city Chennai being the capital city of TamilNadu earlier known as Madras is filled with uncountable highly skilled professionals specifically into Information Technology, Engineering, Management and Accounting whose intent is to upgrade their skills and earn high. These highly skilled professionals are built with a strong mindset and highly projected vision aligned with their career. The Australian immigration process is for sturdy professionals whose vision is on a higher level and for a better standard of living. GreenTree Immigration understanding all our Chennai highly skilled sturdy Professionals immigration dream, established a branch at Chennai to take care of all Australia Immigration Requirements. We are a large group of dedicated professionals specifically designated to look after all Immigration and Overseas education needs of Chennai Sturdy professionals.

GreenTree Immigration is known for quality and reliability. We hear back all our client’s queries and solve them in an exemplary way & placing our clients service requirements first has earned us the title of Best Australia Immigration consultant in Chennai. We provide various countries Immigration processes, specifically Canada, Australia and New Zealand. If you are in the headway of searching for a top & genuine Australia PR consultant in Chennai your search ends here since you have found the right consultant.Driving in plenty of Immigration experience and highly trained Immigration consultants, your application is secured & safe with us.

Australia is a land of opportunities for highly skilled professionals and it is also called the island continent with over 12,000 attractive beaches. Moreover, the salt-lake also known as pink lake is located in Australia. Being an attractive tourist spot, Australia never failed to attract immigrants as well. However, the immigration norms are strict and tedious and it is a variable process. GreenTree Immigration being the #1 Australia Immigration consultant in Chennai is clearly aware of the changing immigration policies and your requirements with the immigration professionals. We transfer the risk on our shoulders and endeavor to produce the best results and satisfy our client’s expectations and get the desired result.

Apart from being professional and elegant with our work, you as a client can get personal satisfaction and feel connected with our immigration consultants. We would be able to update you with changing immigration needs and norms before you get it over the internet. We know the importance of your Immigration dream and we owe the flexibility to adapt to different scenarios on your immigration procedures. Hence, you can land in your dream land without any hassle. Your success is our vision.

Pathways for Immigration to Australia

Our Chennai team has Produced vast Australian Immigration grants the following types of visa


SUBCLASS 189 IS also defined as a skilled independent visa this stream is for applicants looking to settle and live in Australia Permanently.


Sub class is 190 also called as the skilled nominated visa is also for applicants aspiring to settle in Australia permanently.


The skilled Work regional (provisional) Visa (Sub class 491), Sub class 491 is a Provisional visa for workers whose intent is to live and work in Regional Australia.


Allows a certain set of eligible fresh International candidates to enter Australia and work for a tenure of 18 months.

Sub class 485 (Temporary graduate visa)

A Temporary visa that allows International students to stayback in Australia after pursuing education in Australia

Sub class 500

A student visa allows you to enter Australia for study purpose and pursue education.


Sub class 309 visa allows you to enter and reside in Australia temporarilly untill sub class 100 is processed


A permanent resident visa which allows the partner of Australia PR holders or Citizen to enter Australia and stay permanently.


Sub class Allows the child of australia PR holder or citizen to enter australia and live along with their parents


A short term visitor visa which allows you to enter australia to see family or friends or for medical treatment purposes.

Sub class 155 & 157

Sub class 155 & 157 visa allows former australia citizen or PR holder to enter australia and to retain their PR status

How to Check my eligibility for Australia PR Visa

Eligibility Standards for Immigrating to Australia will rely Upon the pathway you pick and the skills you owe. Choosing the Right Subclass is essential. Choosing an incorrect preference could jeopardise your possibilities of Immigrating to Australia since the Immigration policy is tedious. Reach GreenTree Immigration we would guide you to choose the correct preference. However, the government of Australia sets the benchmark as 65 points for the Applicants to qualify for the Immigration process.


Age secures a maximum of 30 points variable in-accordance to the respective ages. Be under 33 to secure maximum points.


Education Sector carries a maximum of 20 Points. Bachelor’s and Master’s earn points accordingly

Work Experience

Experience provides a maximum of 15 points. To attain maximum Points one must possess 8 years of work experience. ANZSCO code plays a major role with this

Language Proficiency

IELTS and PTE certification can help an individual to secure a maximum of 20 points under language proficiency section


Having a certification from Credential community language can escalate an individual to attain 5 additional points.

Additional points

Additional points can be attained by an individual. Possessing an Australian study credential or having an professional experience from Australia

You must achieve 65 points in the points grid (previously it was 60).

You Should be not be younger than 18 years of age .

You are supposed to prove you have Good and standard communication.

You are required to get a Police clearance certificate.

You are required to get a Medical clearance certificate .

You should hold a Minimum of Bachelor's degree.

All points acquired will be listed out.

All necessary documentation will be instructed.

You will get guidance on the Process duration and Process flow.

You will get guidance on the Process cost.

A perfect guide on choosing the Migration Assessing authority for skills assessment.

A detailed Eligibility check to get your profile approved.

Get 100 % refund on eligibility check if profile is negative

Start Australia Immigration Process from GreenTree Immigration In Chennai

Our Australian PR Visa consultant team in Chennai have years of experience in handling all forms of Immigration Strategies & and will Guide with the Stair you need to choose to Efficaciously migrate to Australia .

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Major Benefits of Immigrating to Australia

How to Immigrate to Australia from India in 2022

Go to the GreenTree Immigration Branch at Chennai Egmore. Our Australia Immigration consultants are awaiting to guide you in the right path without any phony promises. Our Immigration consultants owe the experience in handling all forms of immigration strategies & the stairs needed to be taken to migrate efficiently without any hassle to your dream land.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
What is sub class 189?

Skilled Independent Visa It is a points-based visa designed to select a certain set of overseas skilled people required in different states of Australia. It allows skilled workers to move and live in Australia without the need of having a sponsorship of a family member or nomination by the state or territory government.

What is sub class 491?

Skilled Regional visa This sub class will enable the eligible skilled workers and their families to live and work, study in designated regional areas of Australia for 5 years. Can apply for PR after 3 years. Applicants must be nominated by an Australian state or territory government or sponsored by an eligible family member residing in a designated regional area and be invited to apply for the visa

Can I apply for PR without a job offer?

Yes, you can apply for a PR without a job offer. Job offer is not mandatory for the PR process. You can proceed without a job offer. If you have a LMIA approved job offer it will fetch you additional points.

What is ANZSCO?

Australia & New Zealand Classification of Occupation.

It is a skill-based classification used to classify all occupations. It has 5 hierarchical levels:

  1. Major group,
  2. Sub-major group,
  3. Minor Group,
  4. Unit group,
  5. Occupations
What is the processing time for Australia PR?
  1. 189= 17 to 30 months
  2. 190= 5 to 20 months
  3. 491 = 9- 11 months
How do I become an Australian Citizen?

4 years of stay in Australia can earn an Australian citizenship and At-least 1 year of stay under a Australian PR & should have lived 9 months out of 12 months.

Can I apply for Australia PR from Chennai?

Yes, since the process is open to all skilled professionals and being a online process it can be applied from any part of the world not only from Chennai.

How many points do I require for Australia PR eligibility?

A minimum of 65 points is required in the points grid.

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